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Honey Pear Crunch Series 

Honey Pear Crunch series is Honeymill's latest combination of honey drinks. Using 3 types of honey - Lychee, Lavender and Manuka Blend, we make these perfectly concocted blends with our Signautre Honey Pear Crunch Topping. Honey Pear Crunch is a topping cooked and prepared from scratch at Honeymill. Made using real pear, Honey Pear Crunch topping is made with real pear bits in the core, making it crunchy on the inside, and chewy on the outside. This topping is availble for delivery and purchase in-store daily (while stock last). Made fresh daily with no added preservatives, add Honey Pear Crunch Topping to your drink with just S$1 top up. 




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