About Us



Honeymill is a honey specialty brand originating from Singapore and established in 2018. The first of its kind, Honeymill serves freshly made 100% pure honey drinks made by a robotic honey drink crafter. Choose from over 20 types of honey, and over 8 types of healthier choice toppings such as Honeymill Honey Jelly, fresh passion fruit, lemon, aloe vera and wolfberries for your honey drink.  

Besides serving honey drinks, Honeymill also carries a diverse range of delicately curated 100% pure, laboratory tested honey from around the world. 

Looking for more fun ways to consume honey? Honeymill serves honey cakes, honey biscuits and honey ice cream. 

Through Honeymill, we hope to spread our knowledge on honey and share the happiness in indulging in Mother Earth’s natural sweetener with our customers. 

Visit us at our flagship store at Paragon Shopping Centre #B1-32 today and experience A Taste of Joy in its truest form.